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Orthodontic Treatment Plan

By your first orthodontic appointment Dr. Kay and her staff have not only had the great pleasure of meeting you but also have taken the opportunity to examine you for orthodontic treatment. Each patient we encounter is unique therefore; each requires a distinctly different treatment plan. For this purpose Dr. Kay has utilized some basic diagnostic tools involving you specifically to determine the need, length and severity of your individual case. Dr. Kay and her staff will walk you through your specific orthodontic treatment plan to be sure that you understand the path that will be taken to accomplish your new smile.

Once it is decided that you are a candidate for orthodontics, and you have decided to see this treatment through we will be glad to begin. Your first step at this point is to schedule a records appointment. The records appointment provides Dr. Kay with the tools needed to study and diagnose your case in depth, this appointment includes the following:

  • Panorex – Is an x-ray of both the upper and lower jaws which also shows existing and developing teeth.
  • Cephlometric – Is a profile x-ray which shows the positioning of your skull in relation to your jaw bones and how the jaw bones themselves relate to one another.
  • Impressions – These are imprints of your teeth that allow us to recreate an exact replica of your teeth.
  • Separators – These are not indicated in every case, but are in most. They are small rubber rings placed on both sides of your first molars; their purpose is to create a small space in order to correctly fit your bands at your next appointment. Separation occurs over a two week period. Please contact our office if any of your separators come out.

The next step will be the banding and bonding appointment. This appointment requires approximately two hours. You may want to take your regular pain reliever before and/or after this appointment. We recommend this due to the fact that your mouth will be open for longer periods of time than you are accustomed to. Also we are placing new and exciting orthodontic appliances that enable the movement of your teeth, in order to begin the wonderful process of creating a beautiful smile for you.

Upon completion of this appointment we will see you every 4-6 weeks for adjustments; these appointments will take about 30 min.



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