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We have now reached the end of the portion of your orthodontic treatment involving the movement of your teeth into esthetic position.

It is important that we maintain the present position of your dentition. In order to accomplish this task we will provide you with a retainer that is appropriate for your specific needs. A retainer will stabilize your teeth and maintain the present alignment, however it will not work unless you wear it.

A retainer is not a suggestion- it is a prescription given by your doctor.
So take it seriously. If retainers are not worn as directed your teeth will
revert back to their original position. Also, remember that it is normal for
your teeth to settle and adapt into their most comfortable
functioning position.

Retainer Care Tips
Never leave your retainer laying around, pet’s love to chew them! Never wrap them in tissues or paper towels; they tend to get thrown out! Remember that they are plastic and can easily melt. Remember to remove them when eating or chewing gum. To clean your retainer, use soap and water or Retainer Brite, which we will provide to you. Never use toothpaste, it will dull the plastic and crack the appliance.

What Should I do if My Retainer is Lost or I am Unable to Wear It?
If you lose your retainer, or for any reason it no longer fits properly please call for an appointment to have it replaced. The initial retainers are included in your treatment. However a second set will require a fee for replacement. This fee will be determined by the type of retainer that you require.

When Will I Be Finished?
Dr. Kay will be able to release you as a completed patient at eighteen months following the removal of your appliances. During this time she will need to see you in 2mo. – 4mo. – 6mo. – 6mo. These appointments will be to check your retainers and evaluate your teeth for any movement. Please bring your retainers with you to these appointments. If in the event that you loose or break your retainers, please contact our office for a replacement.

It's Up to You!
You now have a Beautiful smile. So, continue to see your Dentist for your regular cleanings at least every six months.

From all of us here at Dr. Kay Betancourt Orthodontics!
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